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The Solar Project Pty Ltd provides high quality renewable energy systems to small and large businesses and industry across Australia. Our team has been responsible for some of the largest commissioned commercial solar power stations in the country.

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Work begins on 45 Pirie St

Sunday morning 29th of November. Low wind speeds meant that we were able to use the debit arm of 45 Pirie Street to lift railing and solar panels to the sub-roof plant room of 45 Pirie Street, Adelaide to begin work on the construction of one of Adelaide's largest CBD high rise rooftop solar arrays.



This project incorporates the highest efficiency modules available in the world from Sunpower Corporation ( physically smaller than standard modules backpacking 327 Watts each ) as well as DC power optimisers and inverters from SolarEdge. These technologies were chosen to do the real constraints of the roofspace and near shadings from plant and equipment and nearby buildings, as well as the world's only full replacement 25 year panel warranty.
































As the equipment was craned up, we could see the enthusiasm of the crowd forming in Victoria Square to mark demonstrations for the climate talks coinciding in Paris on the weekend.

Is now the time to invest in solar?

As someone who is potentially interested in a commercial solar PV installation, here is an update of where things are at in the solar industry and why now may be the best time to invest.


As you would likely be aware, the Coalition Government is on a crusade to “end the age of entitlement” which has seen them withdraw significant financial support for a number of businesses and industries with high profile cases such as Holden and SPC Ardmona dominating recent headlines.


It is also no secret that Tony Abbott is a climate change sceptic and has the renewable energy industry in his sights. In 2013, the Coalition upon coming to power promptly discontinued funding for the Clean Tech Investment Program (CTIP), a grants program designed to support Australian manufacturers to maintain competitiveness in a carbon constrained economy by co-financing investments in energy efficient capital equipment and low emission technologies, processes and products.


The Abbott Government now has the Renewable Energy Target (RET) in their sights with concerns reverberating throughout the industry that the target of 20% renewables by 2020 could be reduced or eliminated entirely, which could spell the end of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Small scale technology certificates (STCs) are currently available for systems up to 100kW and provide an upfront discount of ~30% of the cost of a solar PV system but there is speculation that STCs could either be limited to smaller systems (potentially as low as 10kW) or removed altogether. Should this occur, it is likely to be several years before we see solar PV offering the spectacular returns on investment currently on offer.


Although solar PV prices have decreased by around 80% in the past 4-5 years, it is unlikely that this trend in price reduction will continue at such a rapid rate given many PV manufacturers are now being forced to sell below cost in order to survive which is clearly unsustainable in the long term. A falling Australian dollar is also causing upwards pressure on the price of imported PV components and given the deteriorating state of the Australian economy it is not unreasonable to expect that the AUD may have further to fall.


The net result of these factors is that prices are likely to plateau if not increase in the medium term and with the threat of changes to the RET and potential elimination of STCs, it may be 5+ years before we see solar PV offering the same value it does today.


If you are someone who is interested in a solar PV system of up to 100kW, I would strongly advise that if you are still consider making the investment that you do so sooner rather than later.


There are many finance packages available now which allow you to make the investment with zero money down and potentially be cash flow positive from day one meaning without spending a cent you could be saving money immediately. Even if you are required to pay a little extra, the majority of the money you would be paying on an annual basis is simply money that you would otherwise be paying to your power retailer which is dead money. With a financed solar solution you are essentially diverting this dead money to paying off a system which will deliver many years of free electricity and significant long term savings.


If you are interested in investing in a system or would like to further understand your options, please get in touch with us by email (, contact us directly on 08 8260 8230. Alternatively call:

David Buetefuer, Director of Sales and Business Development (SA and National): 0426 830 607

Michael Basso, Business Development Manager, South Australia: 0439 500 078

Nathan Stone, Director of WA Business: 0418 959 811